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„William's Things” is a project created by Michał Górczyński, Sean Palmer and Tomasz Wiracki, inspired by the poetry of William Blake'a, the greatest British poet of the Romantic era, a man of many humanistic rules, for which he fought throughout his life. 

Williama Blake's works have been admired by many nonconfomistic artists for years, just to mention Jim Jarmusch’s film "Dead Man" or John Zorn’s and his albums "A Vision In Blakelight" and "In Lambeth-Visions From The Walled Garden Of William Blake". Thanks to „William's Things”, Górczyński, Palmer and Wiracki join this elite club of carriers of this unique disease called Blakeofilia. 

Górczyński, Palmer and Wiracki have created a fine work, which eats into the conciousness of the listener and deeply moves him. Just like the works of Blake, they do not resort to cheap tricks and do not dazzle with what the public enjoys easily.  Like William Blake himself, who wanted to avoid circumlocution, the three musicians amaze the listener with how just a few sounds are enough to express so many emotions. The unusual beauty of this music and the symbolic power of words are arranged in a homogeneous whole. What is important, the artists shy away from musical tittle-tattle and unnecessary ornaments. Such an ascetic musical concept seems to be perfect for the poetry of William Blake, who died in terrible poverty.

Tomasz Konwent - publisher 
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