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ugla is a quartet, which plays music from the border of dreams and fairy tales, creating unusual, oneiric spaces with sound. Their music is filled with narratives, which are full of symbolic meanings that grow out of experiencing a personal and feminine experience. A tale, that takes you to the land of leaves, moss and forest. In the sound layer, they are inspired by folk music of different cultures, combining the song tradition with electronics and avant-garde experiment. The band uses acoustic instruments, combining trance energy with fragility. The compositions are based on the technique of live looping, processing and overlapping successive layers of simple motives. They experiment with the sound of instruments, using effects, and the forms of their works remain open to improvisations. The compositions and the lyrics are the work of Magdalena Sowul – a singer and clarinet player, winner of the 47th FAMA Festival 2017 in the Vocalists category.

In April 2018, the band was selected as one of the final three performers in the “Firestone Headliners of Tomorrow” competition. They played at the Halfway Festival in Bialystok, 12th Film and Art Festival Two Riversides in Kazimierz Dolny. They are winners of the third prize at the Festival Artistic Impressions Singing Paintings in Mrągowo, as well as the 48th Festival FAMA 2018 in Świnoujście, where they received the Andrzej Jakóbiec prize in the Music category. In 2019 they’ve self-released their debut album “LINIENIE”.


ugla are:

Magdalena Sowul - vocals, clarinet, OP-1, kalimba, looper

Sebastian Świąder - violin, effects

Maciej Wróbel - drums

Michał Mościcki - double bass

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