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Panieneczki fot. Hubert Grygielewicz
Panieneczki fot. Hubert Grygielewicz 2
Panieneczki EP - © 2018 Jazzboy
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Panieneczki, is a neo-folk band from Bydgoszcz (Poland) exploring traditional tales from the Kuyavia region. Their debut is a closer look at womanhood in a traditional society. Panieneczki explore their roots using original, archaic lyrics to tell stories of love, marriage and motherhood of their ancestors.

​The band consists of four zestful ladies, each with a different musical background and experience. As a result of numerous rehearsals, concerts and musical experiments, as well as more or less diplomatic negotiations, the band settled on the broad ground of folk with an “electric drift”.


Traditional Polish songs are supported by the power of electronic sounds, a strong rhythm section and a dynamic violin, along with vocal harmonies of the whole band. There is also room for solo parts rooted in jazz and lyrical vocals.


A combination of nostalgic Polish melodies with contemporary, beat-driven music became an explosive mixture, which brings down every crowd! All of this is spiced up with the dignity of four fine young ladies…



  • Participation in the „Must be the music” TV show, obtaining 4 YESes from the judges!

  • Supported one of Poland's current top stars KORTEX during his 2018 tour, receiving great applause,

  • Grand Prix (GOLDEN FLUTE) during Dragon Folk Fest (Poznań)

  • I Prize of the Polish Contest of Songs by Grzegorz Ciechowski (Tczew)

  • III Prize and an Honor during The International Folk Music Festival "Mikołajki Folkowe" for an innovative approach towards traditional folk music (Lublin)

  • Honor during the Personal Song Contest (Konkurs Piosenki Osobistej) (Świecie)

  • "The Best Song" Prize for "Czemu nie orzesz chłopolek" in the WORLDWIDE MUSIC CONTEST