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An intriguing duo that refers to the tradition of whispers and folk magic in an unconventional way. Mehehe are Basia Songin and Helena Matuszewska, artists associated with many folk and non-folk bands (Sutari, Same Suki, InFidelis, Kuso).


Mehehe tells stories that have survived in the counting rhymes, midsummernight texts, magical verses. The same mysterious power of nature, unintelligible, terrifying and enormous, which once motivated people to create cults, spells and protective behaviors, becomes an inspiration in search of music, making of sounds, creation of an atmosphere.


What does the ripening deadly nightshade sound like, the fading fire, the snake shedding the skin, the water in the throat of the drowned man, the rocking water of frazil ice, the rime on the tree branches, the moss growing on the stone?


Mehehe tries to summon this fleeting moment when the approaching storm arouses fear and tells us to hide somewhere safely, when the mist in the morning arouses admiration, which can not be described in words, when our uglier and darker ego tells someone to curse and cast spells. This is the language of things hidden in dark, which are not spoken of in the light of the day, and which even at night are sometimes embarrassing or disturbing.