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Madrugada creates a musical fusion of Polish folk music with the energy of flamenco and traditional sounds with modern ones. The theme of the whole album is dualism and combining seemingly distant worlds. Madrugada, the name of the band, means dawn in Spanish, and the title Sombra, means shadow. This odd juxtaposition of two opposing phenomena perfectly illustrates how complex and exuberant their music is, where there will always be some light and some shade.

It is undoubtedly the first music project of this kind in Poland. The project has been noticed during the 27th International Folklore Festival “Mikołajki Folkowe” in Lublin, receiving a distinction in the Open Stage competition for good cultural fusion.

On the album, you will hear contemporary arrangements of very melodic songs from theKurpie, the Lubelskie Region and Greater Poland regions, as well as our own compositions, which are particularly dear to our hearts. There are surprising connections where rhythms of joyful Spanish rumbas, tangos or bulerías meet electronics, jazz, and even Polish big beat. The emotional, serious songs of cante jondo and white voices sound alongside electronic beats and traditional percussions.

Our Sombra album gives a new insight into our tradition and musical legacy. It is a unique effort of reconstructing music and simultaneously its revitalization - assigning a new function to traditional works by combining and connecting them with different styles and genres. Thanks to this they gain a new life. The universality of the message of folk songs also captivates the listener, because the most indigenous content turns out to be timeless and valid at every stage of our life.

Current members of the band are:

Wiktoria Kwiatkowska - vocals, Iwona Skrzos - guitar, dance, Maciej Wieżyński - guitar, Anika Kamińska - percussions, Kamila Olesińska - dance, vocals, Michał Herman - bass guitar, doublebass.

Additional member: Wojciech Jankowski - flute, saxophone