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Luiz Murá
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Born in one of the paradise cities in the world Rio de Janeiro, Luiz had always been close to a musical atmosphere. Hearing Samba in the bars and streets together with by his multicultural family. One Japanese grandfather born in Peru and another Portuguese grandfather from Madeira, Portugal. One grandmother from a Brazilian-Japanese family and the other from a Brazilian-Sicilian-Calabrese family. Mixing music and cultures has been going on since before he was born.

The first contact with music was performing thru family and friends like most of the time, but the turning point ware his teenage years. He went to live in the United States, precisely in Kansas, where he discovered bluegrass, jazz, country and rock music. That year made him understand the power and personality of Brazilian music. On a crowd of around 500 exchange students from all over the world, including France, Malaysia, Sweden, Argentina, Senegal and Italy, he could connect with all of them. It felt like they were all fathers, uncles or cousins of the same music. Brazilian music was a mosaic. It had a little piece taken from many cultures.

Coming back to Brazil in 2001, he graduated 3 schools: Brazilian Guitar at the “Universidade livre Tom Jobim”, Jazz Guitar at the “Universidade Berklee Souza Lima”  and Composition at the “Faculdade Santa Marcelina”.  After graduating from all those universities, he received the “Premios Estimúlos Música” in 2008,  a prize for new songwriters/composers in São Paulo to record his first album, which was released by the phonographic label Tratore, and one of his songs was featured on the “DVD multishow ao vivo singer Maria Gadú” which was broadcast on national television in 2010.

After that, he got an invitation to perform and record in Sweden with the jazz group Unit in 2011. That made him create a strong relationship with the Swedish culture coming back for more concerts and tours. Meanwhile, he fell in love with Barcelona and with its multicultural diversity, he created the group MiraMundo.

 In 2015 Luiz recorded a new album with the famous jazz-manouche guitar player from Sweden Gustav Lundgren and from then on has been touring with Gustav and MiraMundo throughout the world.

Have has worked with many important musicians from the world scene including Maria Gadú, Ubaldo Versolato, Luiz Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca , Sebastian Notini, Niclas Höglind, Kristoffer Johanson, Faela, Ricardo Vogt , Hugo Coroñel and Gustav Lundgren.

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