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The vocal and instrumental duo Kuso, which was created in 2016 on the initiative of Justyna Jary and Basia Songin, vocalists, drummers and performers, in order to combine the passion of telling a story with the creation of music. The debut program consisted of original compositions and texts that take listeners to the mysterious world of Slavic demons, mythical figures and fairy tales. Wandering among them is a Wieszczyca – male witch with evil eyes, a predatory Wargin - the King of Cats, a sad Misser, beautiful and dangerous witches, sad drowners, Majks, and even the absurd, dancing Srala. All from ancient Slavic tales. KUSO talks and sings lyrically, with a thrill, often with a pinch of salt.


The artists have been cooperating since 2013, telling stories, creating performances and making music. They have, among others, a musical performance called SONGS OF THE PREWARD and the performance MAMUNA, AN ODD BROAD. As the BAJARKI Artistic Group, they travel with stories for adults and children. They also carry out the project Homemade Fairytale Factory (Domowa Wytwórnia Bajek), in which they create musical dramas with fairy tales from various corners of the world.


Justyna Jary - vocal, vocal looper, and noise-makers


Basia Songin - vocal, squeeze box, wolf, percussion

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