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Lake Malawi is a Czech indie-pop band founded in Třinec near the border with Poland. The name of the band is inspired by the song "Calgary” by the group Bon Iver.


The band was formed in autumn 2013. Its founder is Albert Černý, who was previously a leader of Charlie Straight, a very popular band in the Czech Republic and also in Great Britain. In 2014, the band Lake Malawi released his debut single "Always June" and also appeared at the Czech festivals Colors of Ostrava and Rock for People as well as at The Great Escape Festival in the UK. In 2015, they released their debut EP called We Are Making Love Again.


In 2016, the drummer Pavel Palát left the band and Antonín Hrabal took his place. In 2017 they released their debut studio album, entitled Surrounded by Light, which includes, among others, the hit "Paris". At the end of the year, guitarist Patrick Karpentski left the group, which caused the band to shrink to the trio. In 2018, they played several concert tours, including in Germany, and performed at many festivals, including Nouvelle Prauge, where they were noticed by foreign promoters. In January 2019 they were announced participants of the Czech Eurovision elimination, to which they applied with the song "Friend of a Friend". On January 28, they won the selection finale, thus becoming the Czech Republic's representatives in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.


The band already had the opportunity to perform in Poland, when they supported Dawid Kwiatkowski at Warsaw's Torwar Arena. Polish fans still remember this performance and often ask the band about future concerts.


The current members consist of:

Albert Černý * - vocals, guitar, keys

Jeroným Šubrt - bass guitar, keys

Antonín Hrabal - pre-drama

* - Albert speaks Polish fluently and is available for interviews.* 

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