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HarMálek is a band that has innovated the Czech brass tradition and made it available to everyone through a young, modern and ferocious style. We play all musical styles, inspired mainly by Czech and Balkan folk music.

"Anything can inspire us, we are open to everything, as long as it preserves the identity of the Czech Republic," - bandleader Petr Harmáček.


HarMálek Orchestra was founded in 2016 and consists of professional musicians from different backgrounds across the Czech music scene, such as - Sexy Dancers, Radio Big Band of Gustav Brom, Forman Brothers Theater, F.X.Šalda, Top Dream Company, Circus Brothers, Castle Guard Music, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and more.

This original Czech formation consists of:

Petr "Harmy" Harmáček – lead trumpet, vocal

Lubomír Mandous – trumpet, vocal

Martin Jůzl - trumpet, vocal

Mirek Nováček - trumpet, vocal

Jan Jirucha - trombone

Jakub Mašek - euphonium

Ondřej Jiskra - euphonium

Martin Homolka - euphonium

Martin "Ozzy" Zavoďan - heligon

Jiří Genrt - tuba

Petr Kouba – drums

In 2018, the orchestra visited Belgrade, where it made its first video. This year, the band received an official invitation to perform at the biggest brass festival in the world, the Guča Festival in Serbia. It will be the first band to ever represent Czech national music to such a large, worldwide audience.

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