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Francis Tuan
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The songs of Francis Tuan are fulfilled with serenity because he considers joy to be the best rebellion. His music invites the listener for a journey to a different world, where unnecessary borders – also music borders – have been blurred. Here, guitar pop becomes the background for spiritual reflection, dance music has lyrics inspired by philosophy, and ethnic Vietnamese instruments harmonize with electronics. Listening to Francis Tuan’s music, you can imagine for a moment that it is sunny outside, and people live in harmony with each other and with nature. Although this alternative reality seems a bit twisted, the most important thing for Francis is a good melody. His debut album "Let's Pretend" will be released in early 2020.


Francis is accompanied by a harmonious team of musical individualities. Paweł Drygas directs percussion rhythms, Ajda Łatacz dances on the bass, and Gabrysia Cybuch shoots synthesizers. Together they crossed the borders of many concert halls, clubs, festivals and countries, performing for example in Sweden (Live at Heart festival). They have also played at the Open'er Festival, Halfway Festival, Slot Art Festival, Opole Songwriters Festival, they won the prize at the Fama Festival, and in 2020 they are going to Canadian Music Week in Toronto. In 2017, Francis also released the warmly welcomed mini-album "Poems", which was frequently played in Trójka and other radio stations.

Besides playing the guitar and keyboards, he uses such Vietnamese instruments as đàn nguyệt and đàn tỳ bà, and on stage, he’s accompanied by:

Ajda Wyglądacz – bass guitar, vocals

Paweł Drygas – drums, percussion, sampler.

Gabrysia Cybuch - keybords

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