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Cut the Air
Cut the Air
Cut the Air CD
Cut the Air
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An extraordinary, phenomenal Polish-Gambian duo:

- Buba Badije Kuyateh - kora

- Michał Górczyński - bass clarinet


Buba Badjie Kuyateh is a musician born in 1982 in The Gambia, in the city of Brikama, called "The Land of the Kora". He comes from a griot family. At the age of 6, he began to learn to play the balafon, and then - as a seven-year-old boy - on the kora. It was in this area that his talent appeared, thanks to which he was elected an heir to a centuries-old tradition, whose representative was his father.

Buba has been living in Warsaw for several years, and is known for his cooperation with outstanding musicians (including the "Action Direct Tales" CD recorded as a duet with Stanisław Soyka).

Michał Górczyński is a Polish clarinet player, composer and music teacher born in 1977. He’s a graduate of the Music Academy in Warsaw. He composes music for various instrumental arrangements, improvises and deals with interpretation of contemporary music. He is the creator of sound installations, theoretical texts, radio programs and underground films, working on expanding the sound possibilities of the bass clarinet, inspired by beat-box.

The Buba Badjie Kuyateh / Michał Górczyński duo focuses on the process of improvisation, which frees the imagination and allows musicians to communicate beyond cultural experiences. The songs are born from a joint feeling and combine the experiences of classical music with African music. Themes, melodies are the effects of emotions, reactions to new images. Their works are mostly jazz improvisations, based on traditional music, creating a natural synthesis of sounds full of mastery - folk and classical, traditional and modern. Their album is full of suggestive, mystical sounds, building a ritual mood and a spiritual atmosphere. "Cut The Air" is a spiritual bridge between the abstract world of ghosts, ancient, lost civilizations, and the sensitivity of the modern listener.

The warm, deep sound of the exotic instrument and the natural color of the bass clarinet were both beautifully extracted. The sound is spacious and crystal clear!