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Four young and talented artists. Four instruments, each with four strings! This is twelve reasons why you should see and, above all, listen to Befane!


Befane are four perfectly educated and experienced instrumentalists, moving with equal ease and grace in the entertainment and classic repertoire. The girls have given concerts in Poland and abroad, participated in nation-wide artistic events (Miss Polonia), as well as in niche, but very demanding projects (eg cooperation with the Chorea Theater, recording the album LULABAJKI with Natalia Przybysz). BEFANE feels just as good on large stages as in intimate spaces. They are absolute professionals and great artists!


The quartet will gladly cooperate with anyone keen for live music - both classical and entertainment. A wide repertoire and pure love for music allows them to add splendor to the most beautiful moments in your life. Thanks to the Befane quartet from Łódź, each celebration will become unique, after all "music (...) is magic beyond all we do here! " (J.K. Rowling)